Two children find gold bars worth $ 100,000


Two French children found a treasure trove of gold bars, valued at more than $ 100,000, while they were subject to movement restrictions imposed by the closure associated with fighting the spread of the emerging corona virus.

According to local media, the two children – both 10-year-old – discovered this treasure when their family went to stay with an elderly relative in the French city of Vendome after implementing the closure procedures in March.

                    REUTERS / Eric Gaillard

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BFMTV said that a few days after the family arrived, the two children decided to build a fortress, which prompted them to search for things they could use around the house, and during the search, they found two gold bars wrapped in old sheets.

Initially, the father thought that the children found the holders of antique knives that his mother owned, but when he saw gold bars, each weighing about a kilogram, he called a local auction house that assured him that they were real gold bars.

Bullion is to be auctioned off at an auction house in the city of Vendome on June 16. It is believed that its value is just over 100,000 euros ($ 109,000).

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