Tsvetomir Naidenov explained why Bozhkov played a circus with the shares of Levski – BG Football – efbet League


In my opinion, the accused Vasil Bozhkov aims to gain time, to attract attention to himself, to increase tension around Levski and thus to make attempts to destabilize the political situation, including politicians in this poll.


This was stated to “Telegraf Media” by the owner of “Efbet” Tsvetomir Naidenov in connection with another hoax of the businessman with the shares of the capital club. Earlier today, Bozhkov published a poll that angered fans who accepted it as a mockery of Levski.

“Bozhkov is having some fun with the other accused Georgi Popov. He is making a kind of election for the owner of Levski. I watched statements of legends of the team, of fans, everyone seems united around the candidacy of Nasko Sirakov for recipient of shares.

I don’t see the point in doing any polls, especially on Facebook, provided the whole community is united.

Tomorrow after the elections he can hold a referendum for Levski, then spend on us under the Commercial Law whether we want to change the form of management of the team.

Then who knows what, if only not to end this stock saga. The reason is that when he hands over the shares, no one will pay more attention to the accused, no matter how many napkins and notes he shows.

Then he will be paid as much attention as the others who escaped from justice, “Naidenov said.

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