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The Kovid pandemic broke out at a time when Donald Trump’s trade war had begun to destroy China. The United States and Australia are now trying to hunt down China in the name of coronavirus, which was discovered in China last December. Trump has ignored warnings from China and the World Health Organization for two months, repeatedly claiming that the Covid is a trivial event. Covid’s death toll in the US No wonder the death toll has doubled since the end of the pestilence. In China, the death toll is less than five thousand.

What is Covid’s reality?

Some dubious information has surfaced as to whether it originated in China. China has called for an investigation into reports of the disease in the US in October and France in December. However, when it was discovered in China, the local authorities in Wuhan were unable to understand or take the virus seriously. This is a mistake that can happen naturally in an unexpected situation. But since it was identified as a new type of coronavirus, China has taken stringent measures to curb it. However, many other countries that have not received the benefit of China – due to insufficient time – are indifferent to the belief that this will only affect China. China rejoiced in its demise. Celebrations and pomp continued. Recall that at the end of February, when Narendra Modi invited Trump to India, he was delighted to host a large gathering and welcome the crowd as the disease was spreading across the country.

Against China

But when Kovid caused the death toll in the United States, Trump swiftly reversed his stance on the defeat of the November election. Trump initiated a planned campaign against China. Trump and Trump’s claim that the virus was created in a China lab has been repeatedly rejected by the scientific community. Hitler’s propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels, has said that Trump’s belief is that people will believe the truth if they repeat it a hundred times. This is part of the Goebbelsian strategy of the US state filing a lawsuit against China, the introduction of bills by US congressmen and repeated anti-China statements. He even threatened to leave China alone if his claim was proved. The US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that the H1N1 epidemic, which began in the United States in 2009, has killed more than 300,000 people within a year. China says no one has ever sought compensation

China hunting is nothing new

China’s hunt for the Western world is as old as the revolution. When the Communist revolutionaries came to power in China under the leadership of Mou Zedong, the Western powers refused to accept it. It was the country where the Kuomintangs were founded under the leadership of Chiang Kaishek, who defeated the Communist Revolutionary forces and crossed over to Taiwan (the old Formosa Island), which later became the official China symbol for Western imperialist powers. Taiwan was part of the Old China Empire and later the Republic of China. Remember that the tiny island, which is only one and a half percent of the population of China, was permanently part of the UN Security Council until 1971. This is an example of the extreme intolerance that the Western nations have towards Communist China.

Later, in the wake of the split in the International Communist Movement and the conflict between the Soviet Union and China, the US and its allies accepted China as a weapon to oppose the USSR and opened the way for the UN and the Security Council to establish stability. The shift in the position of Western imperialist countries has also affected the perception that it is not advisable to stay away from China’s vast market, which is one fifth of the world’s population. The US began diplomatic relations with China in 1979 when Jimmy Carter was president. However, the US alliance continued to try to destroy China with the obvious and obvious. Only a handful of countries are recognizing Taiwan, which had to abandon the United States. All of them are ruled by poor governments that depend on the United States.

Carter told Trump

One year ago, on a Saturday night in mid-April 2019, President Trump called Jimmy Carter. He called to share his fears about China. Trump fears that China will overtake the United States. Trump fears China’s growing economic power. Trump is worried by economic indicators that China will surpass the US by 2030 and become the world’s largest economic power. Many experts say that we are living in what is now called the Chinese century. Carter noted that China’s astonishing growth was the result of intelligent investments in the power of peaceful interventions.


The following day, Carter gave the talk at the Sunday School of the Baptist Church’s Sunday School in his hometown of Plains, Georgia. Carter asked listeners to see how many countries China has been at war with since the US-China diplomatic relations began in 1979. He replied – nobody. But we (the United States) are still at war. In the 242-year history of the United States, only 16 years of peace have been enjoyed. We have become the most belligerent country in the history of the world. This is because of our smell of imposing American principles on others. At the same time, the economic benefits of peace can be seen in China. How many miles of high-speed rail lines are in our country? When the Chinese built nearly 18,000 miles of high-speed railways, we wasted $ 3 trillion (3,000,000,000,000) on military spending. China has not wasted even the war. That is why they are coming before us, ”Carter said.

The difference between the two political systems is made clear in Carter’s words. Russia’s neo-revolutionary government, which withdrew from World War I in 1917, has made peace a priority. Later, the Soviet Union tried to avoid World War II. But the history is that they were driven to war by Nazi Germany and eventually saved the world from Nazi terror. Just days before its 75th anniversary, the world was simply celebrated by the Kovid situation. The great tragedy is that the United States could not learn a lesson from this.

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