Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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Trump to postpone G7 summit US President Donald Trump postpones G7 summit, wants India and others to join India


Trump said that the real representatives of the world did not appear to be at the G7 summit

WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump has called for the postponement of the G7 summit in June. Trump has announced that the G7 summit will be held in September or later. Trump has also called on countries including India to attend the summit. Trump’s latest request is for India, Russia, Australia and South Korea to join the summit.

The real representatives of the world never seemed to have the G7 summit. Trump said the G7 summit looked like a gathering of outdated countries. Trump said the summit could be convened in September before the UN General Assembly. The decision was taken to hold the summit via video conference in the last week of June. The members of the G7 summit are the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Italy, France, Japan and the United States.

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Just last week, Trump announced he was ending his relationship with the WHO. US President Donald Trump has announced that all ties with the World Health Organization have come to an end after repeated criticism. The United States has come out against the World Health Organization in connection with the spread of coronavirus. Trump has argued that Cheney is the source of Veres. But the WHO replied that such propaganda should not be carried out when the world is facing a pestilence. With this, Trump accused Chena of controlling the World Health Organization. Trump announced his decision to close relations with the World Health Organization.

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Trump also accused the World Health Organization of doing nothing to combat the disease in the early stages of the spread of Covid. Donald Trump has announced that he will end the funding for the organization and give the money to other health care organizations. The United States is helping the World Health Organization with a grant of Rs 3,000 crore. Trump has accused Cheyenne of providing more funding than Cheney, but that he has complete control over the World Health Organization. Trump has also announced that they are abandoning all ties with the WHO, which has nothing to do with immunity.
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