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US President Donald Trump, who arrived in Florida to observe the launch from the Kennedy Space Center, said: “Today we are again proudly launching American astronauts with American rockets – the best in the world, from American soil,” the Associated Press reported. He promised that Americans would be the first to land on Mars and proclaimed “the future of American domination in space.”

“It was a beautiful sight, I hope you enjoyed it,” Trump said shortly after the launch of the rocket, designed and built by Elon Musk’s SpaceX company, to the International Space Station.

“When you hear this sound, all this roar, you can imagine how dangerous it is. When you feel the quake, even though we were very far away, the feeling here is amazing. A beautiful view. And a beautiful ship,” Trump said at a briefing at the Space Center. “Kennedy,” BTA reported.

Asked why he thought it was important to be in Florida for the launch, given the events in the country, Trump said it was a “huge inspiration”. “We suffered from something that was terrible and should never have happened, and that’s one of the reasons I wanted to be here today, so I thought it was very important to be here today. I think everyone from you will recognize that what we have just seen is inspiring, “he said.

The president visited the control center to greet participants in the mission and spoke with Musk. Under Trump, NASA provided private companies with research and development funds, the AP recalls. The agency hopes to rely on its trading partners to send astronauts to the moon again in the next few years and to Mars after 2030.

“I am delighted to be with you today at Cape Canaveral, where our courage and determination are being revived. Just think – this is the first” space speech “in 50 years. We have come together to celebrate not only the launch of a spaceship, but also our courage in the triumphant return to the stars, “Trump was quoted as saying by TASS. He said a new era of “American ambitions” had arrived. According to him, the successful launch of a manned spacecraft with the Space X rocket has freed the United States from dependence on other countries and has proved that the future of the space industry belongs to private companies.

“Previous leaders have made the United States dependent on other countries to send our astronauts. There is no such dependence anymore,” he added. “SpaceX recently became the first private company to send people into orbit. Congratulations, Elon Musk,” Trump said. According to him, for the entrepreneur and the associates of his company, the start of Crew Dragon is a “dream come true”.

The collaboration between NASA and SpaceX has brought unprecedented success to the country, Trump said, stressing that launching Crew Dragon into orbit was cheaper than under the Space Shuttle program. And he (Crew Dragon) is much better, “Trump added.

“As part of NASA’s commercial manned flight program, we will use rockets and spacecraft developed, built, launched and owned by private US companies at a fixed price for US taxpayers. Today’s launch confirms that the future lies in the private space sector. “Soon we will land on Mars, and we will have the greatest weapons in history imaginable. I have already seen the developments,” Trump told reporters.

“Humanity can be proud of this achievement,” Musk said after the launch, admitting he was deeply moved. According to him, the event will find a response in the heart of everyone who is a researcher in his soul. “We must now safely return the astronauts to Earth and make sure this happens again and again,” he added. Asked when he expected to fly around the moon, Musk said he was “optimistic.” “I want that to happen in two years, but in reality it can happen in four.”

“I think this is the first step of our civilization on the way to Mars. We will become an interplanetary civilization. This time it will require a colossal effort in innovation and technology. If access to Earth’s orbit becomes commonplace, thousands and maybe millions of people they will be able to go to other planets. And after what happened today, this is becoming an increasingly real possibility, “Musk was quoted as saying by TASS.

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