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A quarter century later, the US is preparing for another nuclear test. The last US nuclear test was in 1992. During the years 1991–92, researchers carried out seven further experiments, named the Julin series. Following this, the United Nations intervened in 1996 to ban all international nuclear tests. The Washington Post reports that President Donald Trump has sought the possibility of a re-examination. The report cited an unnamed senior official and two former officials involved in the nuclear test.

At a meeting of the country’s security agencies, held on May 15, Russia and China were conducting small-scale nuclear tests. The meeting was attended by heads of various security agencies across the country. But the meeting was called off without a decision to conduct a nuclear test. The current decision to respond to Russian and Chinese provocations is not through a nuclear test, the report said. But the possibility of further negotiations has not been ruled out.

China and Russia, however, have dismissed allegations of nuclear testing. The US has not released any evidence. But observers say the US view of the nuclear test 28 years later is a matter of serious debate. Especially in the event of a rift in the China-Russia-US relationship. But such a test would be a departure from US defense policy. In addition, the US would provide an opportunity for nuclear-armed countries to experiment again. According to analysts, the US is turning a blind eye to the various countries’ war on nuclear weapons. Trump’s nuclear test would lead to a new Cold War, says Beatrice Finn, a member of the Coalition Against Nuclear Weapons.

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