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 The US has barred entry for a number of Chinese students and researchers accused of intellectual property theft. United States President Donald Trump has ordered this. Those with links to China’s People’s Liberation Army are banned. The ban will be effective from June 1.

Trump’s latest announcement comes as the two countries have worsened following a trade dispute, the spread of the Covid virus, and China’s provocative military moves in Hong Kong and the South China Sea.

“China is stealing US technologies and intellectual property to modernize the military. The secret moves are China’s. It is a threat to the US economy and to the safety of the people. They are used by undergraduate students and researchers. “Because of this, we decided to restrict certain visas for study and research,” Trump said.

US against China This is only a small part of the proceedings. United States Most of the foreign students studying in universities are from China. There are 3,70,000 Chinese students in the US. China called the Trump administration’s move to bar students’ admission a racist act. The United States has been accused of making unsubstantiated claims. China has accused the country of mixing politics with everybody. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian urged the US not to undermine the legal rights of their students in the US.

The US is firmly opposed to China’s decision to abolish the privileges of Hong Kong.

The US has been upset by the passage of the National Security Act that abolishes Hong Kong’s sovereignty. Reports suggest that the Trump administration is continuing its efforts to lock down China in various sectors.

content highlights: donald trump bans entry of a certain category of students from china

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