Trump attacks all scientists whose findings contradict him


While President Donald Trump insists on reopening the country,, despite warnings from doctors the consequences of moving too fast during the coronavirus crisis, he attacked the scientists, whose conclusions he did not like, reports AP.

Twice this week Trump not only rejected research findings, but suggested – without evidence – that their authors were politically motivated and wanted to undermine his efforts. to lift coronavirus restrictions.

The first was a study funded in part by his government’s National Institutes of Health, which warned of the use of hydroxychloroquine., finding higher overall mortality in coronavirus patients who took the drug while in a veterans’ hospital. Trump and many of his allies have declared the drug a miracle cure, and Trump revealed this week that he was taking it to try to protect himself from the virus – despite an FDA warning last month that it should only be used in hospitals or clinical trials due to the risk of serious side effects, including life-threatening heart problems.

The Lancet, one of the world’s oldest and most respected medical journals, published a new study Friday that confirms the findings..

“If you look at one study, the only bad study, they gave it to people who were in very bad shape. They were very old, almost dead,” he said. Trump in front of reporters on Tuesday. “This is a statement by Trump’s enemy“, added the President of the United States.

Trump defended the intake of hydroxychloroquine, which he interacted with many people

After criticism that the drug is not well studied

He reacts in a similar way in Thursday of a new study from the School of Public Health of Columbia University. The study found that more than 61% of COVID-19 infections and 55% of reported deaths – nearly 36,000 people – could be prevented if social distancing measures are taken one week in advance.

“Colombia is an institution that is very liberal,” he said Trump in front of reporters on Thursday. “I think this is just a political blow, if you want to know the truth. ”

Trump has long been skeptical of science – rejects man-made climate change as a “scam”, explains that the noise from wind turbines causes cancer, and argues that exercise can deplete the body’s ultimate energy. This is part of a growing skepticism against expertise and opposition to “elites,” which are becoming increasingly popular among Trump’s conservative base.

But undermining Americans’ confidence in the integrity and objectivity of scientists is especially dangerous during a pandemic, when the public relies on its leaders to develop policies based on the best available information, said Larry Gostin, a law professor at Georgetown University who is a public health expert.

“We have we have every right to expect that our leaders will use the best science to protect us and to protect us, “said Gostin.” And so the idea that they reject objective scientific informationwhich could inform for policies that have consequences for life or death, it is impossible. ”

The White House rejected all thisnoting that Trump is following the recommendations of public health workers during much of the crisis.

Any assumption that the president does not value scientific data or the important work of scientists is clearly untrueas evidenced by the many data-driven decisions it has taken to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic, including early travel closures, accelerating vaccine development, issuing 15-day and later 30-day guidelines for “slowing the spread” and providing a clear and safe roadmap for governors to reopen America, “said White House spokesman Judd Deere.

The United States has three months to replenish medical supplies

The United States has three months to replenish medical supplies

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