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പതിന Fifteen movements in two months

Idukki: A series of tremors shook people just a few kilometers away from Mullaperiyar and Idukki dams.

In the last two months alone, there have been 15 tremors in the Nedumkandam region alone. The early morning movement on the 20th was about 25km from Mullaperiyar and 33.5km from Idukki Dam. The epicenter of the motion recorded on the Richter scale is 2.6 hanging near the Nedumkandam. The waters of the Mullaperiyar dam, which is more than 125 years old, were also affected. The last two floods have caused widespread damage, including a flash flood in the Nedumkandam region. Thirty consecutive tremors were felt across Idukki Dam in one week in February and March. The houses were damaged.

The Expert Group


A team of experts from the National Center for Seismology has begun studying the quake in Idukki. Digital seismic map has been established at Idukki Arch Dam, Chotupara and Alady. It will also record minor movements. This will take about three months of live monitoring. If there is a concern, the Micro Seismic Sonization Study will be conducted. Kulveer Singh, M.L., a technician at the Center George, State Disaster Management Authority Hazard and Risk Analyst And Pradeep.

Rotation zone

Don’t worry

“Idukki is a potential fault zone. Moderately threatened Zone-3, with a magnitude of 6.5 to 7 on the Richter scale, is less than three-quarters.”

– GS Pradeep

State Disaster Management

Authority Analyst

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