Traveling through the canal gown for a kilometer to reach the school; Story of a rare mountain village in China


Many of us have heard the stories of adults who walked for miles to school in the past. In our country today it is rare to see such things. But the truth is that there are still places in the world that are worse.

Have you heard of children who have to climb a kilometer of steep vines to get home from school? There is a mountain village called ‘Atulier’ in Shaoju County, Sichuan Province, China. Situated at an altitude of over 1,400 meters above sea level, getting to this village is a tough task.

Seventy-two families lived in this village for two hundred years. The ancestors of the villagers settled here to avoid war between the various tribes. Until last year, the only way out of the village to the outside world was to grab a cane. Eight people, including villagers and tourists, were killed in the crash.

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Fifteen students descended from the upper village to the valley to go to school. Their parents will go down with their babies, who are six to fifteen years old. They had been provided with shelter at school because it was dangerous. About two weeks later, I climbed the ladder and returned home. A side trip would take two to four hours.

In 2015, Beijing News photographer Chen Ji took photographs of children climbing the ladder. These pictures went viral on the internet. With this, local authorities said they would build stairs for the students. The construction of this steel stove was completed in November 2016, followed by a survey of 19 similar Cliff Villages in Liangshan. More than 2,900 children from 19 Cliff villages qualified for free accommodation at the school. By June 2017, the village began to see major changes. The newly renovated Lear Primary School is almost complete. The 4G network was brought to the village by signing a tourism industry investment agreement of 300 million yuan ($ 44 million).

In 2020, the Chinese government relocated most of Atulier’s inhabitants to another part of Zhaoju. Better school and hospital facilities are available in the new location. Plans are underway to convert the rest of the village into a tourist destination. In 2019, Atulier visited about 100,000 people. The village earned an income of $ 140,000. Locals believe the economy will improve as tourism develops.

The villagers earn income by raising cattle and planting crops such as corn and potatoes. It is difficult to replicate the rest of the country and therefore no revenue from the sale of these can be made.

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