Travel behavior probably changed for years due to the corona crisis


New habits, such as cycling more often, can also have an effect on our travel behavior in the long term, says Marije Hamersma, researcher at the Knowledge Institute for Mobility Policy. In early April, she conducted research into changes in people’s travel behavior as a result of the corona crisis.

“People have recently had to look for an alternative to public transport and have started working at home. They are getting used to that, which is one of the factors that enable people to change their behavior structurally,” says Hamersma.

The research by the Knowledge Institute for Mobility Policy showed that the large majority expected to return to the situation before (after the corona crisis) (80 percent). But then people also said that they expected to walk or cycle more often (20 percent), and to fly less (20 percent).

“The longer the restrictions persist, the greater the chance that the change will be permanent,” says Hamersma. That is also a possible explanation for the difference with the expectations of the ANWB. That investigation was conducted later. In June, the Knowledge Institute for Mobility Policy will carry out the research again to see if there are any changes in expectations.

A survey of VNO-NCW Noord among 300 companies shows that almost half of them think that working from home will continue to play a role in the future.


It is not clear whether it will also get busier on the highway, because people take the train less often. They may also work from home more often. “People are noticing that things are going well, and that may mean that people will continue to do so partly after the crisis,” says Hamersma.

In the meantime, bicycle dealers are seeing an increase in demand, especially for electric bicycles. “People are calling all over the country to find out if a bicycle is still available somewhere,” said Peter Macco, owner of a bicycle shop. “Delivery times are up to six months, or sometimes eight months.” And once you have purchased a bicycle, you may want to continue to use it in the long term.

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