Transition to coronavirus: China with concern for new cases


Jilin: China’s health experts say new cases of covariates positive in China’s northeastern province are different from those reported in Wuhan. Health experts say the virus has been mutated and that changes are complicating health workers’ efforts to eliminate the spread of the virus.

Unlike Wuhan, the virus persisted for a long time in patients in Jilin and Heilongjian provinces. Their test results were also delayed. There are also delays in manifesting the symptoms in people with the virus. “It is challenging for authorities to identify patients early to prevent the spread of disease,” says Dr. Xu, who treats Covid patients in the North.

In the past two weeks, there have been 46 new Covid cases reported in three cities in two provinces. With the virus outbreak reported again, authorities in the Northeast have been forced to re-lockdown. Authorities estimate that changes to the virus could counteract the country’s efforts to prevent the spread and reopen the economy.

But scientists still do not fully understand whether the virus has undergone any significant changes. It is concluded that this difference is due to the fact that doctors have more time to monitor patients, unlike the earliest stage reported in Wuhan. In the early stages of the virus outbreak, many people were treated only because they were seriously ill.

Researchers around the world are trying to find out if the virus spreads to humans and transforms it. But previous research on this has been heavily criticized. Some changes in the genome may result in changes in the structure of the virus or how it functions. But many changes do not result in significant changes. Says Keiji Fukuda, director and clinical professor at the School of Public Health at the University of Hong Kong. He added that there is a need for clear evidence to conclude that the virus is mutated.

The disease is increasingly affecting the lungs of patients in the Northeast. In Wuhan, however, patients suffered multiple organs including the heart, kidneys, and intestines. Says Dr. Xu. Patients who come in contact with those who have been infected from Russia exhibit different symptoms. The cases reported in the northeastern province of China are similar to those reported in Russia

In any case, China is on the verge of resisting the spread of the virus. In the Northeast provinces have been ordered to reverse lockdown measures, stop train services, close schools and close residential complexes. People should not think that the spread of the virus is over. Prevention against disease should not be abandoned. The epidemic is likely to last a long time. ‘ Says Wu Anhua, a senior doctor.

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