tovino thomas completes 30 days of ramzan fasting | Homemade chakka festival Tovino Thomas, fasting for 30 days


One of the main challenges faced by actor Tovino during the lockdown was following the diet. At the same time, the fasting period began. The star decided to fast for 30 days. Ever since, the church has been in the habit of celebrating feasts, Onam and Ramzan. The fast was taken up to 27 days ago. This time it was increased to 30. Tovino is open to mind about his Lockdown period and about Lent.

I’m a food lover. At home was the feast of chakka. It was green and ripe. The star said that since it was only in season, it was impossible to avoid anything made of jack.

“I have not been able to keep my diet up to date,” the star said. Basil Joseph’s superhero movie Lightning Murali is currently underway. Tovino is in the meantime.

I understand my weight gain. It was decided to control. Then the 30-day fast begins. So I decided to fast, ”Tovino said.

A few days later, the brother joined us. When cooked, I’ll make two meals. Carbohydrates were made with an extra diet. The actor also said that his brother was good.

Tovino, meanwhile, said he was not targeting the Six Pack or the Eight Pack. The body is fit for lightning bolts. No other film demands it, ”the actor said.


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