Tony Khalifa comments on the outrage at the killing of a black American citizen


Lebanese journalist, Tony Khalifa, commented today, Saturday, about the killing of the American citizen, George Floyd, who occupied the international media, and because of them, protests erupted in the United States.

Khalifa tweeted, through his account on the Twitter site, denouncing: “A white policeman killed a black American detainee …. lashed America …. and the world worked, what about those who were killed by American policy from Palestine to Iraq to … to … To …. and no one has moved a resident ??? “.

Violent protests in Minneapolis increased at a rapid pace in the wake of the killing of George Floyd, a defenseless black man by a police officer in the city.

The killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis sparked protests in a number of American cities, some of which turned violent. The governor of Minnesota recalled the state’s National Guard after four nights of clashes in Minneapolis in a move unprecedented since World War II, according to the newspaper “New York Times” American.

Floyd died after being installed by a white officer on the ground under his knee, which sparked demonstrations against police brutality and racial discrimination in cities across the United States.

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