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Daily horoscope for Saturday, 23.05, prepared by Svetlana Tilkova – AlenaARIES

Today, on the weekend, you are worried about whether communication with your colleagues will be calm. Rely on success in solving problems at work. You have the opportunity to move to a new peak on the corporate ladder. Your financial situation will improve. The initiatives are successful. You are completely devoted to your intimate partner, but your feelings are not shared as you expect, there is a difference if you compare the first thrills. You better split up when you’re not happy. Do not allow sexual contact if you do not want to. You will be uncomfortable.


You have to do a job that you enjoy and can be completed by the end of the weekend, but you have delved into something that attracts you and wastes your time. Be responsible for your obligations. Proceed carefully, without haste, to avoid mistakes. If you have acquaintances related to your personal life, caution is a must because you risk committing to an inappropriate partner. You know that sex gives you pleasure only if you are ready to comply with the desire of your intimate partner.


On the weekend you are angry with the whole world. The difficulties are caused by your unwillingness to do your routine. You are worried that you are treading in the same place, that your development has stopped. You want to enrich yourself with new knowledge. Be consistent in your actions. Finish your duties first, then make your dream come true. Complications with your loved ones are possible due to the inability to express your true feelings. Your intimate partner feels hurt. Take the step towards clarifying the relationship, make your loved ones happy and indulge in pleasant sexual experiences.


It is up to you to be careful until noon on this weekend. The reason for the difficulties are side factors that no one in your workplace has been able to foresee. Changes are not excluded. If necessary, reconsider your plans for the day, which will not prevent you from doing your homework and even having important conversations. You are in love, but you do not know how to win the object of your feelings. Single people to expect a marriage proposal. Sex will only put you in a good mood if you are confident in your feelings and do not feel jealousy that blocks your desire for intimacy.


You are scattered, so on the weekend you are striving for several goals, in the workplace you reap success with ideas and the ability to deal with difficulties. The day brings success to traders, doctors and pharmacists. Do not invest your money if you are not convinced of your future profit. Avoid dating. Your intimate partners feel attracted to you, but they are afraid because you are too impressive, which makes them jealous. If you love them, don’t hurt them. If you are correct and sincere in your feelings, unforgettable intimate experiences await you.


Throughout the weekend, be careful and analyze your actions to avoid failure and losses. At work you are relaxed and unwilling to work, but it is good to overcome this condition of yours. Make an effort and complete your tasks on time. You will not miss quarrels if you make financial losses. Beware of privacy issues. Pay attention to your loved ones. Control your emotions. The relationship with your intimate partner is not very good, so it is good to control your emotions. Do not expect sexual pleasures.


The joy of what you have achieved at work is the reason you are careless on the weekend and can turn into a failure. Don’t give in to your anger if your accomplishments today are not as expected. Emotion will ruin the peace achieved with your colleagues if you do not look at yourself and do not realize your own mistakes. Women born in the sign experience romantic love. Give the man next to you the opportunity to support you. Your sexual relations are harmonious. Sex with your loved ones removes tension and fatigue.


Today, although the day is a day off, you are calm, because the expected financial income is more than expected and will fill your wallet at the beginning of next week and your bank account. However, do not overdo it with restaurants. No one will appreciate your generosity. Analyze your mistakes and do not hesitate to change your lifestyle, if this will achieve a calmer future. Unmarried women will once again experience an interesting and memorable romantic date. In the evening, create a pleasant atmosphere, be alone with your loved ones, do not miss the sexual experiences.


Remember well that success will be with you until noon on the weekend. Avoid trading operations and do not take risks because you are overconfident and careless. Save the money received. In the workplace, you tend to argue and teach again, thereby damaging your relationships with your colleagues. It is better to postpone for another day the important conversations aimed at clarifying the relationship, due to family intervention, which you do not approve of and rightly so. Achieve harmony in the family and indulge in sexual pleasures.


Realize your intentions at work and successfully start a new beginning, even though the day is a day off. Don’t be prepared for big changes, because the time has not yet come to make them happen. You will deal with the difficulties with ease. You reject your tasks if you are focused on your work. You are undoubtedly brave people and you are not afraid of risk, but do not look for it by force because you are hurting yourself. You will be torn between information you have not verified, jealousy and doubt. It is better to talk directly with your partner and clarify any misunderstandings at the moment. Sexual pleasures will help you overcome the crisis in your relationship.


Do the impossible to start doing your new job this weekend. You will work harder, but the result will be excellent. It will bring you the dream recognition. Business talks will not be successful. Postpone them for another day so that you do not find yourself trapped in business relationships that harm you. Remember that the harmony created in your family is a guarantee for your well-being. Do not cheat if you are happy in your marriage. Your attempts to find new sexual partners, even though you already have them, will bring you future mental suffering.


From the morning on your day off, discard only your usual daily duties. Don’t throw away new offers in the workplace. The consequences will be unfavorable for you. Avoid losses. Get to work hard and success will come to you. Able to handle all challenges. Conversations are successful if you hold them in the afternoon. Complications in personal life or love disappointments are possible. Do not embark impulsively on a new romantic relationship. Do not allow sexual outings outside the family, because in the evening you will not be in shape in bed and you will be exposed.

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