Tjeerd de Groot throws breeding ban in battle against corona


Member of Parliament Tjeerd de Groot (D66) wants the meat sector to introduce a partial breeding ban. According to him, this is necessary as more and more slaughterhouses turn out to be sources of infection of the coronavirus.

After the closure of, among others, Van Rooi Meat, the Member of Parliament states that there is no reason to assume that the situation is better regulated at the more than two hundred other meat processing companies in our country.

‘In two weeks, the stables will be overcrowded when the slaughterhouses close. Then you will have problems with animal welfare, ‘he says in This Is The Day of the NOS. LTO Netherlands reacts furiously to the plans of D66.

Crowded stables

According to De Groot, a partial breeding ban is necessary. ‘You must prevent the stables from becoming overcrowded, because the animals cannot be slaughtered. So you have to make sure that pigs don’t grow as fast, by feeding them differently. And chickens can be incubated with less eggs. ”

‘What Mr De Groot is doing is putting the problem of slaughterhouses on the plate of livestock farming,’ says board member Dirk Bruins of LTO Nederland. “It is not a solution. A breeding ban will only take effect in a few months: a pig carries three months, three weeks and three days. ‘

Slaughterhouses have to solve this

If you set a breeding ban, you will only see the results over a longer period, according to Bruins. “I can still hope that the problems will be solved tomorrow and that they will not last for months. The slaughterhouses have to solve this and not the farmers. ”

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