Titi Papazov: Levski is a contagion, Levski is holding us! Let’s collect 1.5 million levs within 48 hours!


Levski Lukoil coach Titi Papazov made another emotional statement. The specialist called on the “blue” community to raise BGN 1.5 million.

Titi announced through tears that Levski is a “contagion”.

“Levski is hours away! That’s why we need action on the part of Georgi Popov, ie Vasil Bozhkov. It is important to collect a million and a half within 48 hours, then Mr. Peevski’s donation can go to a hospital. I believe that we can do it! “announced Titi.

“I am the man with the biggest pink glasses in the world, but you don’t see them. I have never taken off my pink glasses. Levski is a contagion, Levski is holding us,” Papazov said in “This Saturday” on bTV.

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