Timetable’s new trailer with back-to-back travel and uplifting scenes


Christopher Nolan is a filmmaker with worldwide audiences. Christopher Nolan has released the thrilling trailer for his latest film, Tenet. Photos of the movie were online wave. Now the trailer is also being discussed by fans. Fans think that Tenet is like Christopher Nolan’s previous films.

Tenet is filming in seven countries. Tenet will be an action movie. Tenet is a movie that fans are eagerly awaiting. The film tells the story of an international spy. The trailer shows that Tenet is the time traveler. Indian actress Dimple Kapadia is also in Tenet filming in Mumbai. Tenet is cinematographed by Hotiti van Hoethema, the cameraman for the films Interstellar and Dunkirk. The film was announced on June 20. But the release will be postponed due to Kovid.

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