Three under quarantine detained in Sofia while trying to leave the country


Three people were detained by the Border Police at Sofia Airport after trying to leave the country while in 14-day quarantine, BNR reported.

On May 18, a man and a woman from Kardzhali tried to board a flight to Eindhoven after arriving in Bulgaria the day before.

On May 19, a man from Haskovo was stopped after trying to leave for Amsterdam.

Upon inquiry, it became clear that only a day ago he entered our country from Turkey.

In the meantime, it became clear that there is new case of coronavirus in Troyan. The infected man is a 67-year-old man who is being treated at the Lung Hospital in the city.

This is the third inhabitant of the Balkan city with a proven positive coronavirus test since the beginning of the pandemic.

The man was treated at Pirogov Hospital, where after his discharge patients with Covid-19 were found, with whom he was in contact.

A week later, he also showed symptoms of coronavirus and was hospitalized at the Lung Hospital in Troyan.

The man’s contacts are few and will be quarantined.

The director of the medical institution, Dr. Tsvetomila Dudevska, said that the patient was in a satisfactory general condition, with concomitant diseases and pneumonia.

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