Threatened to lose their jobs … More than 100 million tourism sector are facing this danger


The negative effects of Corona virus on many sectors have been unevenly, but the tourism sector has stopped completely, which threatens millions of workers in the sector.

Many countries rely heavily on the tourism sector, which made them face more than one crisis at the present time, including the income that was generated by tourism, and the number of workers in the sector, where some sources refer to more than 120 million workers in the tourism sector around the world, which is what It means that the magnitude of the vulnerability becomes large during the coming period, in light of estimates that it takes two years for tourism to return to what it was.

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For his part, Lahcen Haddad, the former Moroccan Minister of Tourism, said that more than 120 million work in the tourism sector around the world, and they are greatly affected, especially since most of them are currently in temporary unemployment.

Speaking to Sputnik, he added that many of them are losing their jobs in light of the turmoil in the air traffic and the Corona crisis.

Haddad believes that the intervention of countries to protect the tourism sector and companies must require the retention of employment positions, that is, that companies feel the preservation of the existing employment, with the possibility of reducing salaries.

He pointed out that facing the problem of working in the tourism sector needs long-term plans, especially since tourism needs about two years to return to normal again.

He pointed to the need to develop domestic tourism during the coming period, through appropriate prices, and to support tourism and hotel institutions from the tax side in order not to lay off workers.

He stressed that some administrative work can be carried out on behalf of some, as well as giving vacations prematurely, in order to achieve balance and reduce numbers.

The conditions among countries dependent on tourism are very similar, especially in the light of the work of thousands of their citizens in the field of tourism. In this context, the former Egyptian Minister of Tourism Yahya Rashid said that the current crisis greatly affected the tourism movement in the world, not one country without the other.

In his speech to “Sputnik”, he added that the tourism movement in Egypt was affected by the crisis of Corona, like most countries in the world, as a result of the closure of the world’s airports.

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He explained that Egypt is working on studying the existing capabilities in the context of restoring the ability once again to resume tourism as soon as possible.

He pointed out that there are many alternatives to Egypt in the current period, including the activation of domestic tourism in accordance with procedures and requirements that observe safety, and that after the resumption of international tourism, it is possible to work aggressively on “Christian pilgrimage to Egypt”, and that he called for this in the year 2017, especially as ” Pope of the Vatican, “he affirmed that Egypt is a holy land and was the first land where Christ came down, which can be used well for the strong return of the tourism movement.

He stressed the need to work with high professionalism in the event of resuming domestic tourism, and setting strict controls so that Egypt does not return a step back.

Earlier, the World Tourism Organization warned in a statement on its official page, that tourism will drop by 60 to 80 percent this year due to the Corona virus.

Tourism rates around the world decreased by 22% in the number of international tourists during the first quarter of 2020.

According to the organization earlier, the tourism drop is 60 or 80 percent compared to 2019 figures.

The international organization pointed out that the decrease in the number of tourists by 67 million last March resulted in losses estimated at 80 billion dollars.

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