this way you can corona proof to McDonald’s and Burger King


Visitors to McDonald’s and Burger King will no longer have to tidy up their own trays and throw away trash from Monday noon, when the restaurants and associated terraces reopen only after 11 weeks of closing. It is one of the many measures that fast-food restaurants take to keep visitors 1.5 meters apart.

Ordering and consuming a Big Mac or Whopper will take some getting used to from Monday onwards. At the entrance of the fast food restaurants, hosts and hostesses will now find themselves behind a welcome desk that keeps track of the number of reservations. They let a maximum of thirty people in and ask the guests the mandatory health questions. They allow a maximum of two people together, excluding families. And only people without colds are welcome.

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A visit to the restaurants now starts with cleaning the hands. You can only order the burgers, fries and milkshakes from the order kiosks. McDonald’s employees immediately clean the touch screens. “We request that one person orders from the company, while the other family members stay at the table or on the terrace,” says McDonald’s Eunice Koekkoek.

Gloves on

At Burger King, visitors can choose to wear gloves when ordering, says spokeswoman Esther van de Graaf. Burger King has experimented with the new corona rules in a branch in Beverwijk in recent weeks. “We replaced and rearranged tables, created walking routes and installed barrier screens. This is to create as much freedom of movement as possible ”, says Van de Graaf.

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Unlike McDonald’s, with table service at most of the restaurants, Burger King has created waiting areas for the counter where people can wait for their order. Hospitality and fun is the creed. Koekkoek: “At McDonald’s, there are no tables with ribbons that radiate an emergency and alarm situation. Outside, guests meet so-called wait softeners with nice texts or where they can download a song or game via the app while waiting. ”

New regime

Employees also keep 1.5 meters away in the kitchens and there is a new regime. Where three kitchen employees previously worked together back to back at Burger King, there is now only one person with more tasks. Plastic screens hang in McDonald’s kitchens and employees work in a permanent place.

The biggest change at McDonald’s 252 branches and Burger King’s 70 restaurants is that guests no longer have to clear on departure. Guests are allowed to walk away without taking their tray away. This prevents the restaurants from unnecessary traffic flows and the staff knows exactly which tables they can clean.

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