This is what Pranav said when Mohanlal acted in his daughter’s film interest! Mohanlal’s reply to his daughter



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The next generation of actors will be seen in the film. Some come as a child star, others with heroine and heroine. These kind of returns are very well received and supported. Next, there are questions as to which star / daughter will be performing. Pranav Mohanlal made his debut as a child actor. Pranav won the State Award for Best Child Artist. Tara Puthra received the award for his role in the movie Punarjani.

Pranav, who had performed well as a child actor, has also been rated as a potential comedian. Everyone was asking, ‘What is your role as a hero?’ Even when Sagar appeared in Elias Jackie, fans were looking forward to seeing the heroine. It was directed by Jeetu Joseph. He was also asked about the wonder of Pranav and whether he would arrive.

During a birthday interview, Mohanlal was asked about his daughter. Priyadarshan and Suresh Kumar were in the movie. This was one of the questions fans asked many times. Montello, it’s Poor, her choice is theater, not cinema. Mohanlal replied that he is now studying theater in the US.


Pranav has done more risk than cinema. His interests include rock climbing and parkour. Are the likes of the age. Pranav did not like acting. The first was said to be a pet. Just come to the cinema. We have to start with the likes. He had said that it was the same. Initially, the film was not very appealing, but later became part of life.

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He is doing the things that I wanted at the age of Pranav. You may want to pack a bag and travel like this. But my travels are all about luxury. Mohanlal had also said that, like Appu, nothing can jump on a train or a lorry. When asked about Pranav’s film career, Mohanlal said he was not worried about himself and what he was afraid of.

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