This is not the house of Mammootty, but the landlord with the truth of fake video


Mammootty Mammootty recently moved to his new home at Ilakulam. Real pictures of the house have recently gone viral on social media. But then there was a fake video. A video of a house resembling Mammootty’s house was popularized by that name. Reggie, the real owner of the house, explains the truth.

My house in Kudukumpampi near Perumbavoor became popular as Mammootty’s house. The house was designed by architect Sebastian Jose of Sculptor Architects. Paalukaachchal was last February. Then some people were assigned to take home video for our personal use. They shot the house and gave the video. One of them was posting this video titled ‘Mammootty’s house’ on Tik Talk. Just yesterday I received a video of fake news on WhatsApp. At first it was thought to be unresponsive. But when many relatives and friends called and inquired about it, it seemed necessary to prove the truth. The calls are still going on. Tired of explaining. Because people are so misled, it is difficult to see how the creators get it.

Now let me talk about my house. Looking at the square footage, this is a luxury home but really only half the budget for building such a house. I have business related to manufacturing. So the construction equipment did not have to depend on anyone else. The timber was obtained from the plot. The builders were all under me. Thereby saving the cost of the contract. Most of the furniture was bought from China by acquaintances. The landscape was prepared with materials brought from Hyderabad. That too was discounted by acquaintances. The expertise of architect Sebastian Jose was also instrumental in preparing our dream home.

Mammootty’s Real House

English Summary- Fake video of Mammoottys House, Real Owner Reveals Truth

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