This is not a cloth mask. It is pure silver and jewelry maker


The mask is the new guest that came up during the Corona era, and is now part of everyday life. Recently, a jewelry maker based in Kolhapur, Karnataka, is in the news. He has come up with a silver mask to wear to the bride and groom during the coronation. The silver mask is made by Sandeep Sagongar, a jewelery maker based in Kolhapur, Karnataka. Sandeep says he is getting a lot of orders for the mask and his business is thriving.

The silver mask weighs between 25 and 35 grams. The mask is available for Rs. Good quality N95 masks are worth the price. People buy Silver Mask for a time.

Sandeep is carrying jewelery in Karnataka-Maharashtra border village of Kolhapur and Chikkodi in Belgaum. My business, like all other businesses, collapsed during this coronation. It was then that the silver mask came out. It turned out to be a good thought. Sandeep says that nowadays many people order silver masks to buy their favorite bridesmaids.

According to Sandeep, about 100 masks have already been sold. I receive new orders daily. Those who want the mask must order at least one day in advance. As Sandeep’s business grows, other jewelery makers have started making silver masks.

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