They found forgotten footage of the missing Tasmanian tiger


The Tasmanian tiger, which disappeared in 1936, is one of the strangest animals we know. Although called a tiger, it looks more like a wolf, but is in fact a predatory mammal. It has been found in the recent past on the island of Tasmania and is characterized by stripes on the back of its body and its large jaw solution.

In 1932, the island of Tasmania was the last confirmed sighting of thylacine at large. The last specimen in captivity died on September 6, 1936 at a zoo in the town of Hobart. The National Archives of Film and Sound in Australia (NFSA) has discovered and restored a lost film believed to be the last footage of a Tasmanian tiger.

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The video is from the Beaumaris Zoo around March 1935, and thanks to new technologies it can now be viewed in 4K. It can be seen that the animal’s cage is extremely small, and people, perhaps children, hit its net.

Although extinct in 1936, rumors of Tasmanian tigers in the most inaccessible parts of Tasmania’s forests have regularly surfaced since then.

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