They called on the United States to speed up work on 6G – News


The US Telecommunications Standards Organization has called on the government to step up efforts to develop the next generation of communications technologies that have the potential to underpin 6G, stressing that an early start will be crucial to securing a global leadership position.

The Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS) states that the government should partner with industry and academics, and development should focus on key areas including artificial intelligence services and networks, advanced antennas and radio systems, healthcare and Agriculture.

ATIS calls on the US authorities to offer funding and tax breaks for relevant research, and adds that a national spectrum management policy is also needed. Cities and other local communities can act as technology labs and innovation zones to promote technology.

The call to action comes at a time when 6G work is gaining momentum. China Unicom and ZTE have already announced they will work together to research and develop the technology, and earlier this year, Japan’s NTT Docomo said it planned to launch 6G services commercially by 2030 through the evolution of 5G.

Source: ATIS

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