These festivals give money back: ‘Question of principle’


The Nijmegen Four Days Marches are unable to refund the full amount. Last Monday, participants received 63 out of 100 euros in registration costs. “We would prefer to give everyone the full amount back,” said spokesman Jennifer Bus. “It is really not the case that we are now rubbing our hands with rubbing hands. You would rather not do this, but it is the current situation.”

Financial buffer

Reason for the partial refund are costs incurred for staff and suppliers, but also the lack of a financial buffer. “We increased the entry fee at the beginning of this year in case the event were canceled, for example due to very hot weather. Never thought this would be due to corona. Refunding money now completely means we don’t have that buffer. We have simply not the means to repay the registration fee to anyone. “

According to the spokesman, the majority of the walkers understand the current arrangement. Some even agree to donate the entire amount and there are a small number of people who want the money back completely, for example because of the personal financial situation. “But there are no other options, and we do not make exceptions,” said Bus.

Half a million in donations

In the case of conference De Opwekking, a large Christian festival in Biddinghuizen, repayment was evident. “Immediately after the press conference, we decided to offer visitors two options,” said spokesman Maartje Dekens. “Anyone who would come camping will get their money back or convert it into a gift. It is not our money, so we would like to give it back, only with the message that we have a financial hole through corona, so that that gift is desirable. “

Despite the financial consequences, the spokesperson calls the decision a truly fundamental choice. “The 50th conference was due to take place this year. It has been more exciting than it could have been, but we have always said: God takes care of us. Ultimately, that is the basis of the decision.”

A campaign has been started to receive more gifts. “We have a financial hole of 900,000 euros due to the situation. But because we are open about this, we see that people are willing to donate. Within two months we will already be at 500,000 euros. If we don’t do that now, the event will follow cannot take place for years. That will play a part in visitors. “

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