There will be a second wave of coronavirus


Andrea Amon, director of the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), said it was not a question of whether there would be a resumption of the epidemic, but “when and how big”.
She told Britain’s The Guardian that immunity statistics from across Europe were not encouraging and that “85 to 90 per cent” of people were still susceptible to COVID-19.
“The virus is around us, circulating much more than in January or February. I don’t want to paint apocalyptic pictures, but I think we need to be realistic. Now is not the time for complete relaxation,” she said in an interview.
Europe has witnessed more than 170,000 deaths in the global pandemic, according to AFP. Most were in Britain, Italy, Spain and France.
                            But restrictions on living at home, introduced to reduce the spread of the virus, have begun to be lifted, given that the number of cases has peaked.
The ECDC, based in Sweden, advises governments to control infectious diseases in the 27 countries of the European Union, plus Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and the United Kingdom.
Amon said the blocking restrictions had caused “tension”, damaging businesses. But she also said the risk of a second wave was increased because “people think it’s all over, and it’s not … definitely not,” despite the decline in infections.

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She said governments underestimated the speed of COVID-19’s proliferation and identified the return of holidaymakers from alpine skiing in early March as a highlight.
“I’m sure this has contributed to widespread deployment in Europe,” she added, and “it may be possible” to slow the spread if governments had imposed a blockade earlier.
Amon said he was not optimistic that the virus would disappear quickly. “It seems to be very adaptable to people,” she added.
It’s not exactly like that
However, Amon’s opinion is not fully shared by Patrick Pelu, president of the French Emergency Aid Association. He said he feared “less and less” that there would be a second wave of infections due to the easing of quarantine measures.

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“Mathematical modeling showed the possibility of an ascent … with a small peak that had to start now,” he told France 2, BGNES reported.
“In fact, we do not see it, which does not mean that the epidemic has stopped,” he added, stressing the need for the French to continue to strictly adhere to social distance and the constant wearing of masks.
The trends remained optimistic, after out of a total of 1745 hospitalized patients, only 49 were treated in intensive care units – at 7000 at the peak of the crisis.
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