There must be prayer; Trump calls for mosques to open Donald Trump


President Donald Trump calls for the opening of mosques in the United States even as the Kovid crisis continues. Trump says more prayers are needed in this crisis and this is why he asked governors to open mosques. However, the governor did not exercise the authority of the president to open mosques.

Meanwhile, coronavirus spreading across Brazil and Mexico is devouring Latin American cities. Despite the announcement of a lockdown and the suspension of international flights, Covid is spreading in most cities. Lack of ventilators increases mortality.

In Peru, the number of patients was close to a million. Chile exceeds one million. There are no beds in the intensive care unit in Santiago, the capital of Chile. The situation is not different in Ecuador, with 34,000 patients. But it is reported that people are crowding the streets in violation of regulations. Health experts warn that if this level persists, it will reach Europe.

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