There is no man; Dolphins bringing coral and shank to shore | Covid19


Dolphins that swim in the sea with gifts from man. A group of dolphins in Australia is a sight to behold. Dolphins in Tin Can Bay, Queensland are the prizes for humans.

The corals and cones from the sea are provided to volunteers who feed them at the feeding center. Humpback-type dolphins love to interact with the humans who come here. But this indicates that they are very worried when visitors are not reached.

Volunteers say that they take everything to shore with the utmost care of sharp lips and corks. They are usually trained by humans. But this new habit is what they made it themselves.

In addition to corals and shanks, they also bring bottles and wooden cakes from the sea for those who come to feed them on shore. The picture of the dolphins receiving the prizes was shared by the community at Barnacle’s Cafe and Dolphin Feeding.

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