There is good news about the coronavirus in our country! In Greece, something amazing happened on BLITZ TV


We are slowing down the increase in the number of cases. According to the 14-day data giving the cumulative morbidity – in April it was 6, last week I said it was 7.8, now it is 7.1. i.e. per 100,000 population we have a morbidity of 7.1. This was stated by the director of the National Center for Infectious and Parasitic Diseases Prof. Todor Kantardzhiev at the traditional briefing in connection with the coronavirus epidemic in our country.

BLITZ recalls that Prof. Kantardzhiev revealed that the number of newly infected in our country is already 2427, and the virus has taken new victims in our country.

“What this means is that there is a slight tendency to reduce the number of new cases, but this does not mean that we gather in large numbers, do not wear a mask indoors and do not comply with anti-epidemiological measures,” he said.

Prof. Kantardzhiev also presented data on morbidity around the world, noting that “such an epidemic, if you miss it, if you do not take measures in time, the cases then decrease very slowly,” he said, citing Britain as an example.
According to him, Sweden and Denmark are always compared because of the different approach. “In Sweden the new cases yesterday were 379, in Denmark there are 59. The total number of cases in Sweden is 33,000 in Denmark is 11,000,” said Prof. Kantardzhiev.

“In Greece, thank God, I’m happy with the neighbors, there are only 2 new cases,” he added.


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