There are no symptoms; Actor Kiran Kumar Kovid is positive when it comes to results


Kovid 19 confirmed to Bollywood actor Kiran Kumar. Actor Kovid, who went to the hospital for some health check-ups with no symptoms, was also doing 19 tests.

By the time Result arrived, he knew he was suffering from Kovid. His test results came out on May 14.

He lives in Quarantine at home. Ten days after diagnosis of the disease. The actor told News18 that he still has no symptoms. Kiran is currently on the third floor of her house. The actor’s family lives on the second floor. Kiran’s second phase of examination will be held on Monday.

Kiran Kumar also acted in Malayalam cinema with the title role of Inspector Balram. He has acted in over a dozen Bollywood films and television series including Dhatkan and Muchcha Dosti Korogi.

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