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There are already deaths from severe diseases neglected by the coronavirus. This was stated by the national consultant in cardiology Prof. Ivo Petrov to Nova TV.

According to him, due to the fear of infection, many patients have missed even their mandatory examinations. And the cardiologists in our country filled the hours for examinations for almost a month ahead.

Prof. Ivo Petrov: It is unlikely to find a very effective vaccine against COVID-19

It turns out that to a very large extent patients with cardiac problems did not come to the hospital because of the quarantine. Doctors admitted that many of the cases were urgent, but they were stopped by fear. As a result, review hours are filled for the next 20 days.

“Delay bomb” – this is how Prof. Ivo Petrov describes the current situation, who admitted that after the green light was given for the admission of patients with planned interventions, the work has doubled. That’s why we find him at work on the weekend, on his day off.

“We came across patients who, unfortunately, while waiting for the problem to pass, had died at home, and this had a very painful effect even on us,” he said.

Cardiologists are adamant – some of these people could have been saved if they had sought medical help in time. “About 30% of our patients did not dare to come either for check-ups, which are important, or for the type of treatment, which is also important,” explains Prof. Petrov.

According to the latest analysis of the Hospital Index, approximately 30% fewer Bulgarians with heart disease have sought medical help.

Health economists are adamant that the restart of the health system will reflect on the budget. However, major shocks are not expected. According to the doctors, the negative effect of the temporary suspension of the diagnostics and the planned interventions will still have its negative impact. According to cardiologists, in the event of a future pandemic, an option should be considered in which patients have full access to the hospitals where they are treated.

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