There are 5.138 million cases of coronavirus worldwide and 55,575 new cases


Sofia. There are 5.138 million cases of coronavirus worldwide and 55,575 new cases. This was announced by Professor Todor Kantardzhiev at the Council of Ministers on the current situation with coronavirus infection in Bulgaria and the world, a reporter told FOCUS News Agency.

“To a large extent, the severity of this infection depends on two causes – the number of viruses that a person has become infected with, as well as the number of receptors in the organs for which this virus will be caught. In children, these receptors are much less and therefore children had almost no clinical manifestation of the disease. Adults have more receptors, and in people over 75 these receptors decrease. That is why many adults drive the disease much easier because of that, “said Kantardzhiev.

“The most affected district is Sofia-city and Sofia district, where there are 995 cases, of which 126 are in hospital and 19 are in intensive care units,” he added.
The virus is already in several different genetic types. We have conceived a large study of how much the virus has changed since the beginning of the epidemic. Transmitted from person to person, these viruses mutate, “he added.

“There are 5.138 million cases of coronavirus in the world, 55,575 are the new cases for yesterday. The United States has the most cases – 1,602,000, and 9,700 new, and 531 died yesterday, Russia has 8,849 new cases and a total of 317 thousand and 127 died yesterday, Spain has 278 thousand cases, Brazil – 296 thousand and 2600 new and 254 deaths yesterday, Britain – 250 thousand cases and 2615 new, Italy has 228 thousand cases and 642 new, Germany – 333 new and 3 died, Belgium – 56 235 cases and 252 new, Sweden – 32 thousand cases and 649 new, Denmark – 11 thousand and 65 new ones “, he added.

“Turkey has 153 thousand 960 new cases, Romania – 17 385 and 198 new cases, Serbia 10 900 and 86 new cases, Greece – 3 new cases and a total of 2800 cases, Northern Macedonia – 1898 cases and 40 new cases,” he added.

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