The WHO is concerned about threats to US funding


I would like to add about emergencies, because they are the biggest concern we have. Didier talks about our key budgets, etc. Most of the American funding and the funds we receive go directly to emergency programs, to humanitarian health operations around the world, to various points with vulnerable and difficult conditions. We are talking about an order of 200 or 100 million a year, which is actually the largest share of funding we receive from the WHO for our emergency programs.

My concerns today are both about the participants in our programs that Didier described and about the improvement of our donation base in the WHO as a key budget. To replace this life-saving funding for people on the front lines of some of the most difficult fat on the planet, we will obviously need to work with other partners so that this cash flow can continue to flow to us. So this will have huge implications for the provision of vital health services.

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