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 Wilson Roosevelt Germain, 91, a former chef at the White House, who has been serving food for eleven American presidents, has been affected by Covid. The funeral took place on May 16th.

Former president Kennedy’s wife was also living in the US. Jackie Kennedy, the first lady, is the culinary master. He served in the White House for nearly five decades. Michelle Obama said that his official appearance made him a homemaker and was characteristic of him. Michelle Obama said it was a great honor to get to know him.

In 1957, during the time of President Eisenhower, he came to the White House with a cleaning job. He later became a cook. Granddaughter Shanta Taylor Gay said that German would always say that he lived a blessed life.

He retired from cooking in 1997, but returned to the White House in 2003. Barack Obama was elected president of the White House in 2012. Obama honored him for nearly 50 years of service. Hillary Clinton responded by saying that Germany had given “the homeowner’s image” to the White House for generations and that his death hurt Bill Clinton and himself. George W. Schwarzenegger said he was the last person to see him on his way home and the night he returned. Bush and his wife, Laura Bush, were reunited.

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