The unrest in the United States postponed the event of the year for Android


The new beta version of the operating system will not be released on June 3, as originally planned

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<strong>Google has postponed perhaps the most important event for its Android operating system, after the protests and riots in the United States have not subsided for the fifth day in a row, we learn from the company's profile on social networks.</strong></p>

The “Android 11 Beta Launch Show” was scheduled for June 3, when we were expected to see all the improvements for the company’s mobile world online, but it seems that high-tech fans will have to wait some more time.

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The initial plan includes three Beta tests for Android 11, and the final version will be ready between July-September 2020, but given the second postponement of the first test, it is not clear whether everything will remain for the winter months or even early 2021 г.

Some of the changes that everyone expects are related to the operation of the 5G network, support for the next generation display, improving the protection of personal data and improving the work with various hardware components.

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