The United States with new weapons against Russia


The United States may send a brigade of troops to Tunisia because of a “security threat” coming from Russia, RIA Novosti reported, citing the US military’s African Command. “As Russia continues to fan the flames of the Libyan conflict, regional security in North Africa is increasingly precarious. “We are exploring new methods to respond to the security threat, including the use of a security assistance team.” Stephen Thousand, quoted by

The United States uses such teams to train and train troops from partner countries in their territories. Thousand spoke with Tunisian Defense Minister Imed Hazgi. He emphasized the fact that the North African country condemned “malicious acts”.

Earlier, the United States accused Russia of interfering in Libya’s policy by supporting Caliph Haftar’s forces. Russia, for its part, denies this and says it is in its interest to resolve the situation in Libya.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said NATO members violated a UN Security Council resolution in 2011 to get rid of Muammar Gaddafi’s government and the overthrow of a regime that had existed for more than 40 years. Then the country is in chaos – in the east the country is ruled by a popular parliament, and in the west in the capital Tripoli – a government supported by the UN and the EU, headed by Fayez Saraj. Authorities in the eastern part of the country rule through the Libyan National Army, led by Marshal Khalifa Haftar, who since April 2019 has not stopped trying to capture Tripoli.

Dual governance and the collapse of the security system have led to increased activity by armed rebel groups and terrorist organizations. Due to the lack of centralized power and a unified army, Libya has become a center of smuggling, as well as a major corridor for the passage of migrants from Africa to Europe.


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