The United States prohibits entry to foreigners who visited Brazil in the past 14 days


US President Donald Trump has issued a decision prohibiting the entry of any foreign person who visited Brazil during the past 14 days into the United States of America, due to the exacerbation of the crisis of the spread of the Corona virus emerging in this country.

Moscow – Sputnik. The White House said in a statement today, Sunday: “Today, the president has taken decisive measures to protect our country, as it has prevented foreigners who were in Brazil during the past 14 days from entering the United States.”

                    AP Photo / Felipe Dana

Brazil records a terrifying number of deaths from the Corona virus

The statement added: “Today’s decision will help ensure that foreign citizens who visited Brazil become an additional source of infection (the Corona virus emerging) in our country. These new restrictions do not apply to trade flows between the United States and Brazil.

White House spokeswoman Kylie McKinney said the new restrictions would help prevent foreigners from transferring Corona’s infection to the United States, but it would not affect trade with Brazil.

The number of people infected with corona in Brazil reached 358 thousand people, with 22.5 thousand deaths recorded in the country due to the virus, while the World Health Organization warned of the transformation of South America into a new focus for the spread of the Corona virus in the world.

On May 15, the Brazilian Minister of Health, Nelson Tech, resigned from his post against the backdrop of the deteriorating epidemiological situation in the country amid an accelerating spread of Corona virus, while media leaks revealed his differences with the President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, on ways to combat the pandemic. Which earlier reduced the risk.

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