The United States is ready to send a powerful military signal to China


As anti-Chinese hysteria builds up in the US Congress, two major congressmen have publicly expressed their support for the new military fund, effectively ensuring that China’s Pacific Restriction Initiative (PDI) is included in the next national defense.

The successor to John McCain (remember the old man), chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee Jim Inhoff and Jack Reid announced their position to support investment “on distant shores” in “Long-range ground strike capabilities, as well as in the missile defense bases of the overseas theater of military operations, airport developmenton and portof infrastructure, storage of fuel and ammunition. “

“With such big bets, the time has come to act. The initiative to limit in The Pacific will increase fiscal transparency and control and direct resources to key military areas to contain China. This initiative will reassure US allies and partners and send a strong message to the Chinese Communist Party that the American people are committed to defending the United States.they interests in Indийско-Silentthe ocean region.

The restriction initiative in The Pacific Ocean aims to create uncertainty and increase risks for Beijing’s plans by clarifying:

“Not today! Today you can’t us win militarily, so don’t even try! “said Inhoff and Reed.

Senate leaders backed Adam Smith and Mc Thornbury, chairman of the House Armed Services Commission, who had previously called for the initiative. Thornbury has proposed spending $ 6 billion in fiscal 2021 on missile defense systems and military infrastructure in partner countries.

Congress will still have to discuss how much and what to spend on the program and how long this initiative will last. These issues will become part of the negotiations within the Armed Forces and Budget Committees.

Speaking at the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for East Asia Heino Klink said that the idea of ​​a Pacific Restraint Initiative would work:

“The concept of a national defense strategy is obvious that Indийско-The Pacific region is a priority theater for us. But we all understand that strategy is a budget, and a budget is a strategy. Bthe dwarf with its figures and so far does not support the most important role of the Indian-tthe Pacific region as the main theater of voactions ”.

It doesn’t matter how many F-35s the military will buy if they are very little deployed in this critical region, their bases have poor protection from Chinese missiles, they have no alternative airports, they have no access to stocks of fuel and ammunition and cannot be repairedand in the theater of war to returnat in battle “, said Reed and Inhoff.

Funding will most likely be based on a report submitted to Congress in early April. This report, signed by Admiral Phil Davidson, Commander-in-Chief, provides funding of $ 1.6 billion in fiscal 2021 and an additional $ 18.46 billion from fiscal years 22 to 26.

Funding was divided into five categories: lethality of forces, their deployment, strengthening of allies and partners, exercises and innovation, and logistics and security. It is also planned to create a permanent circular air defense in Guam, which will cost $ 1.67 billion over six years, the purchase of new radars and the establishment of small bases in the Pacific to destroy Chinese targets.

Translation: V. Sergeev

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