The United States before the Civil War. The guards marched against the protesters


New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio says the city’s NYPD is investigating an incident in which a New York City police truck crashed into a mob protesting the murder of black George Floyd, who died during an arrest in Minneapolis. earlier in the week, US media reported. Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, removing a 27-second video by a New York City police truck. The truck seemed to pass through a guardrail in front of it and continue through the crowd. De Blasio added: “I wish the police had found a different approach, but let’s start at the beginning. The protesters in this video did the wrong thing by going around the police car, period.” The Seattle Police Department (SPD), meanwhile, said at least 27 people had recently been arrested in protests, mostly for assault, arson, destruction and looting. The National Guard also helped. SPD chief Carmen Best stressed that “the priority is to save lives and end the destruction. At this point, we know that many police officers and citizens have been injured,” adding that “what began as a peaceful protest has become violent and destructive.” because of certain groups who wanted to take advantage of the situation. ” She assured that the police “are ready to facilitate the peaceful exercise of rights since the First Amendment (in the US Constitution). After the assassination of George Floyd, we are all rightly angry, sad, disappointed and devastated.” 1,700 members of the US National Guard are thrown against the protesters in Minneapolis For their part, the Atlanta Police Department (APD) announced that 70 people were arrested during the last protests in the city. A spokesman for the Atlanta Police Department confirmed that a curfew had been imposed on the city since 9 p.m. last night. According to the police, stones and other objects were thrown in uniform, and property in the center suffered great damage. Meanwhile, it became clear that protesters protesting the death of black George Floyd, who died after a police arrest in the American city of Minneapolis, attacked Confederate monuments in many US cities. Protests spread across the country that night, and in the morning monuments in Virginia, North, South Carolina and Mississippi dawned in disgrace. Monuments to the Confederacy in the southern United States, as well as elsewhere in the country, have been the subject of protests for years, and some of the attacked monuments are already being removed. The words “spiritual genocide,” along with red handprints, appeared yesterday on a Confederate-era monument on the campus of the University of Mississippi, Oxford Eagle reported. One person was arrested on the spot. Students and professors, as well as university administration officials, demanded the removal of the statue, erected in 1906, and its relocation to the area of ​​the Civil War Cemetery Park. People who are pushing for the monument to be removed say its presence near the university’s main administration building means the university glorifies the Confederacy and distorts the history of slavery in the South.

In Charleston, South Carolina, protesters attacked a statue in Battery, the historic coastal area. The pedestal of the monument to the defenders of the Confederacy, erected in 1932, was sprayed with the word “traitors”. The monument was later covered with a tarpaulin. In North Carolina, the base of a Confederate monument in the state legislature was scratched with black hicks and the word “racist,” the local News and Observer reported. The issue of Confederate monuments is particularly controversial in North Carolina, where such monuments are protected by law. Most attention to Confederate monuments was in Virginia. In Norfolk, protesters climbed a monument and scratched graffiti on the pedestal, according to photos posted on the Internet. A commission in Richmond, now the state capital and formerly the capital of the Confederacy, has recommended the removal of five statues along the famous Monument Avenue. Pictures from late last night and early this morning show that the statues of Confederate generals Robert Lee and JB Stewart are almost entirely covered in graffiti. In the states of Tennessee and Pennsylvania, monuments to people criticized for racist beliefs but unrelated to the Confederacy have also been attacked. Earlier, the APD said there was a big drop in the number of people on the streets as curfew approached, but many protesters remained despite curfew.

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