The United States and Brazil are the world’s largest outbreaks of COVID-19


The total number of cases of coronavirus infection in the world is 5,304,340 people. The increase is 107,716 cases. The main share in this number is The United States and Brazil, with 24,000 new cases and about 20,000 new infections, respectively, announced the Secretary of the National Operational Staff Assoc. Prof. Dimo ​​Dimov at the regular briefing at the Council of Ministers.

IN Russia 8,894 new cases were discovered for the day.

36 new cases of coronavirus in our country

From European countries it is leading Great Britain with approximately 3200 new cases and Spain – 1887.


Italy, France, Germany reported less than 1,000 new cases, such as Belarus, which have no measures, has 932 new cases of infection.

In Europe, mortality is steadily declining, with only the United Kingdom having a new 351, and all other countries the death toll is below 200. Regarding Spain – 688 deaths were reported yesterday, but for the day there are only 56, and the remaining cases have accumulated so far, which were found later .

In the Balkans the trend towards a relatively small number of new infections and deaths continues. Turkey, Romania and Serbia are again in the top three – Turkey – 962 new, Romania – 127, in Serbia – 105 newly infected.

All other countries in the region report less than 25 cases per day, and deaths in Greece, Bosnia, Croatia and Northern Macedonia, and Albania are less than 5 per day, said the Secretary of the National Operational Staff Assoc. Prof. Dimo ​​Dimov.

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