The three granddaughters of Nasko Sirakov and Iliana with cards for the matches of “Levski”


The map of the one-month-old Asiana

The three little granddaughters of the Levski team “to lead a father’s team” in troubled times – Nasko Sirakov, already have season tickets for the matches of the “blues”, although matches with the audience will not be set soon. However, the example that the living legend of “Levski” decided to give is related to the general activation of the “blue” community to donate for the future of the favorite club.

Sirakov is in regular meetings with Gerena after he announced his readiness to receive from Vasil Bozhkov the majority share in the shares of Levski, which is currently owned by Georgi Popov. Proud grandfather Nasko took advantage of this to buy season tickets for his favorite granddaughters in the name of his favorite club.

And the call “Save Levski”, including the purchase of cards and tickets, as well as donations in various forms, was made by Iliana Raeva.

The famous Levski player and grandmother showed the cards to her grandchildren and wrote: “The youngest members of our family, one-month-old Asiana Korudzhieva, two-month-old Emily Borisova and the poop – three-year-old Iliana Korudzhieva are already holders of season tickets for PFC Levski matches!”

The female kingdom in the sports family of Nasko Sirakov and Iliana Raeva has increased even more. On May 1, their young daughter Violeta gave birth to a baby girl named Asiana.

She was named after her paternal grandfather Asen, but as if in combination with the name of her world-famous grandmother, whose name is the first child of Violeta and Georgi Korudzhiev.

On October 27, 2016, Violeta gave her famous parents a first-born grandson. He and his father Georgi named their first golden girl Iliana.

On March 11 this year, the eldest daughter of Iliana and Nasko – Nightingale, gave them a granddaughter – Emily. My father Ivan and I named the baby after my paternal grandfather.

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