The tests for coronavirus of employees from the municipality of Bolyarovo are negative


All tests for coronavirus infection of the employees of the Ministry of Interior, the Border Police Station, the section of the Fire Safety and Protection Service are negative. No case of COVID-19 has been proven among the staff and all residents of social homes and shelters for the elderly and people with disabilities in Bolyarovo, Malko Sharkovo, Mamarchevo and Voden, the municipality said.

The tests were performed immediately after the positive test was found by a private laboratory of a police officer from Malko Sharkovo. He has been on outpatient treatment and is now well.

The tests of the staff and the inhabitants of the social institutions in the municipality of Bolyarovo were made by the Regional Health Inspectorate – Yambol on May 19 by order of the Ministry of Health in connection with the open fires in old people’s homes in Northern Bulgaria. The negative results show that the measures taken at the beginning of the pandemic in March by the municipal administration in all public places are completely appropriate.

However, the municipality of Bolyarovo urges residents to continue to strictly follow the recommendations of experts on social distance, disinfection and strict personal hygiene.

This is also called for by the Regional Medical Council.

In the last 24 hours, there have been 11 COVID-positive 19 samples in the area. 10 of the cases are of persons from Yambol, one from the municipality of Elhovo.

According to the doctors from the regional hospital “St. Panteleimon”, every tenth person who died with a coronavirus infection in the country is from the district of Yambol.

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