The super-grandmother of the video game; Life without age | Gamer | Grandma


The 90-year-old has been instrumental in telling young people how to play and win video games. The super-grandmother is Hamako Mori, who has two and a half million subscribers on YouTube. Mori holds the Guinness Records record for being the oldest video gamer

Gaimar Grantma .. That’s the nickname. Those who say that age has made a drastic change in their life should stay away from YouTube. Only ninety-one-year-olds have enough strength to overcome the obstacles that come their way in the game. The game was started 39 years ago. But it was only in 2015 that you made it onto YouTube. Hamako Mori said he was most happy when the game was played

Mori owns a large array of gaming consoles. Geimar Grandma tells the world that video games are not just for kids, but for kids.

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