The sad story of the great Seraphim Todorov – Sarafa – Boini – Boxing


One of the most successful Bulgarian boxers of all time is Serafim Todorov-SARAFA. Born in 1969 in Peshtera, he first entered the gym when he was only 9 years old. For several years he has distinguished himself as one of the most successful Bulgarian boxers of all time.

Daniela Trencheva found Serafim Todorov in the ghetto of Pazardzhik, where our greatest boxing talent is currently supported by parking cars.

Sarafov is the world’s greatest boxer in the 90’s and the only one who managed to win, defined as the greatest in the history of boxing – Floyd Mayweather. He spoke about the present and his glorious past.

Watch the whole show on NOVA “No Man’s Land” in the video.

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