The prosecutor’s office reached Malaysia in search of illegal drugs for coronavirus


The Sofia City Prosecutor’s Office has launched an investigation into the illegal sale of drugs for the treatment and prevention of coronavirus online. And she has found that she can hardly understand who the offenders are, much less reach them. However, the Ministry of Interior requested assistance in finding them.

It has been established that two sites offer a drug that acts preventively against coronavirus and influenza A and B at a price of BGN 119. The only problem is that the drug is not approved for use in Bulgaria.

In order to identify the traders on these sites, their domains were checked and found to be registered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The information on both sites is scarce, the connection is made through a contact form“, the government stated.

Even at home, the inspection was not very successful. It has been found that the site sells prescription drugs. It has been verified that the page does not have permission for this activity. The amount of the fines for this violation is also clear – from BGN 5 to 10 thousand. But:

Only a contact phone number is listed on the website, there is no information about its owner“.

There is also a case from Pazardzhik. An advertisement for the sale of a concentrate for solution for infusion (often used for infusions in blood loss and dehydration) was published on the Internet. “rumors of alleged effectiveness in the fight against Covid-19“. Here, too, the identity has not been established because only a telephone number is given. It will probably be easier to find the trader than the sellers in Kuala Lumpur.

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