The President of Austria violated the evening hour for the coronavirus


The President of Austria Alexander Van der Belen violated the evening hour of 11 p.m., which was imposed by authorities in an attempt to control the coronavirus pandemic, the Guardian reported.

The Austrian newspaper Courier revealed that a police patrol noticed the head of state and his wife sitting on the terrace of a famous Italian restaurant in the center of Vienna.

The coronavirus epidemic in Austria is “under control”, the health minister confirmed

Anshober noted that the first phase of repealing the measures was “excellent”, but people must remain vigilant.

This happened shortly after midnight on Saturday versus Sunday. Restaurants and cafes in Austria reopened on Sunday, provided they work with visitors until 11 p.m.

“I came out of the pandemic for the first time with two friends and my wife,” Van der Belen wrote on Twitter on Sunday. He even added: “Then we lost track of the time we were talking. I’m really sorry. That was a mistake.”

The owner of the restaurant told the Krone newspaper that he thought he had followed the rules. having stopped the service at 11 p.m.., He stated that he believed that his clients had the right to remain on the terrace after that time.

The President of Austria with a message for COVID-19

The President of Austria with a message for COVID-19

Hope and hope for the Austrians

The restaurant could potentially be fined for violating the new restrictions.

For his part, Van der Bellen says that he will “take responsibility”if the restaurant owner suffers losses as a result of the accident.

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