The president of Austria violated the curfew, he was found in a restaurant


Austrian President Alexander Van der Belen PHOTO: Reuters

Austrian police caught the head of state in violation – he was on the porch of a local restaurant around 00:18 with his wife. Due to the measures against the coronavirus, the authorities in the country allowed the establishments to work until 23:00, BTA reports.

A police patrol passing by the chic Italian restaurant “Sole” when they noticed with great surprise that not anyone, namely President Alexander van der Belen and his wife are standing with drinks at the table at a forbidden time, write the Austrian media.

As the website “oe24” emphasizes, the law enforcement officers immediately recognized the two visitors, which did not prevent them from requesting their personal documents for verification.

According to the owner of the restaurant, the restaurant closed at 23:00 and did not serve more drinks. It’s just that Van der Belen and his wife stayed to talk afterwards.

The head of state himself explained to the media that for the first time after the lifting of the restrictions he went out to dinner with his wife and two friends. “Unfortunately, we talked and forgot about the class. I am very sorry for what happened. It was a mistake, “he said.

Vienna police confirmed the case today. From there, they sent a report on jurisdiction to the relevant magistrate, who must assess what punishment should be imposed.

The owner is facing a fine of up to 30,000 euros, according to regulations against violators of coronavirus measures.

However, it is emphasized that the restaurant was closed at the specified time, and the owner has the right to allow his guests to stay after the closure of the restaurant, which can be defined as a private party. In such cases, nothing should be served and the kitchen and bar should be closed.

Zero tolerance in the case was announced by the Freedom Party. According to the party’s secretary general, the head of state mocked the population harassed by the “crown-madness of the government”.

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