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In the sixth episode of the online Malayalam music program ‘Santhanvana Sangeetham’, which is already gaining immense popularity, six singers are lining up with their favorite songs. The trivia section makes the show even better, with humorous presentation techniques and knowledge along with entertainment. A highlight of the event is that the audience is not just spectators but actively participating in the Trivia Questionnaire.

Only the best singers perform the songs on the show. Sweet songs from the seventies and eighties, known as the Golden Age of Malayalam cinema, are featured here. For the first time ever, a musical gathering in the form of an online platform among Malayalis in the US has been successful in uniting all the Malayalees. Its main presenter is Sibi David, who is well known in the field of arts and culture. In addition, artists from many parts of the United States participate. The trivia section is managed by famous singer Jinu Vishal. Well-known artist Nisha Erik is anchoring the event on Sunday, May 24th with Sibi David.

The event is being organized by Anil George and Dilip Varghese of the North American Malayalee Helpline Forum, which has been supporting many areas during the Kovid era. Baiju Varghese, singer Siji Anand, Syriac Malik, Dr Jagathy and Sunil Tristar are also behind the scenes. The event can be found on the Zoom Platform every Sunday at 8pm (New York Time). Check out the portal below.

English Summary:Massive popularity of musical comfort music program.

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